Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tavern+Bowl a American Restaurant/Bowling Alley Opens in Costa Mesa

 Tavern+Bowl recently opened in Costa Mesa. Headquartered in San Diego, this is Tavern Bowl's first location outside SD.  CEO  Daniel Hurd wants people to come in for the food and there just happens to be a place where you can bowl also. As for the food...its American bar food kicked up a notch. I doubt there are many bowling alleys you can get a plate of grilled oysters. Other dishes include a Korean BBQ pizza, (good but not Korean at all) Filet Mignon tacos, and grilled artichokes. All of which are worth trying. Dessert wise they had some interesting options. First spot I have ever seen butterscotch creme brulee (while it was well made I am not a butterscotch fan.) Overall if you are looking for a spot to bowl in Costa Mesa you can't do better than  Tavern Bowl.

1875 Newport Blvd  Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Grilled artichoke. Served with a tarragon aioli 

Grilled oysters 

Korean BBQ pizza 

Pulled pork mac and cheese 

Filet Mignon taco

Triple chocolate brownie 

Butterscotch creme brulee 

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