Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Restaurant of the Week: Tamarind of London

 Tamarind of London is on a mission. To present authentic Indian cuisine in a upscale fashion and introduce it to the American masses.  Already a success in England, Tamarind opened in Newport Beach a short walk away from several resorts and the Pacific Ocean. While it attracts large amounts of tourists they want to educate Americans about Indian food. And what an education you can get. The seabass here is simply amazing. Cooked in a real 1000 degree tandoori oven rubbed with saffron and other spices. Its buttery, flaky, and melt in your mouth tender. And while getting the seabass alone is good enough you should try other dishes here. After all Tamarind's London branch actually earned a Michelin star.  Other dishes I suggest are the appetizers with the grilled potato cakes and the spinach dumplings being favorites. Just remember to go enjoy the amazing beach across the street after your meal. 

7862 E Coast Hwy Newport Beach, CA 92657

Ice cream. They borrow a little bit from Persia for desserts. 


The tandoori oven. It reaches 1000 degrees 

Mango sorbet 

Assorted desserts. The carrot cake (literally made of carrots) was the favorite. 


Saffron rubbed seabass 

 tikka masala

They have non alcoholic drinks also 

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