Monday, August 4, 2014

Wood Ranch is Experimenting with Burnt Ends and has Big Expansion Plans

Wood Ranch   is growing. With 14 restaurants  the chain is about to rapidly grow with a expansion on the East Coast. Wood Ranch isn't stopping there. Every Wednesday from 4pm until they sell out they will be testing their burnt ends their newest product. Basically a burnt end is a piece of fatty brisket that has had its large amount of fat rendered down bathing the meat in its richness, creating a rich "bark". Executive Chef   Alex Benes walked Eating Around So Cal through the dishes Wood Ranch has created with their burnt ends. These include mac and cheese, plain and in a sandwich. Mac and cheese pairs really well with the meat. You get the smooth cheese and the blandness of the pasta partnering well with the rich fatty meat. Wood Ranch wants to have burnt ends on the menu more days (they supplies they can get are limited) if theres enough interest. So go try them out! 

Burnt ends mac and cheese 

burnt ends 

Burnt End sandwich 

Executive Chef Alex Benes

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