Monday, August 11, 2014

Darren's Restaurant Manhattan Beach Gets a New Menu

   Darren's Restaurant has been around for a while but recently they shut down and revamped the restaurant and the menu. I had not gone there pre change but you can't argue with the results. Overall Darren's is a small intimate space in the fiercely competitive restaurant region of Manhattan Beach. And it holds its own against some heavy hitters. It makes it even more impressive when you learn that Chef/Owner  Darren Weiss is deaf. Honestly I only really care about cooking ability and that is what Darren's delivers. American dishes with an (usually Asian) ethnic flair. 
The menu is set up for modern American Tapas. You can pick a lot of dishes and pass them around. Dishes like the ribeye cap are part of the smaller traditional menu that I'm guessing is there because when you get a slab of meat like Darren's ribeye you are not going to want to pass it around the table. The same goes for the scallops. Which are so pretty people have seen the photos I have taken for Darren's and assume they are photoshopped. Pretty much everything at Darren's works smoothly (besides the mac and cheese being on the dry side.) If you are lucky you may get seated next to Darren's father who is one of Darren's most loyal customers and hear all about Darren's life story. Its a good one. 

 1141 Manhattan Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

White chocolate creme brulee 

Roasted potatoes with smoked paprika butter. 

Scallops with a leek and mushroom

Mac and cheese. 

broccoflower with pork belly

Buffalo risotto with almonds

Aged ribeye cap with a green peppercorn sauce. 

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