Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Blue C Sushi Comes to the O.C.: Blue C Sushi Newport Beach Opens

Blue C Sushi  is a conveyor belt sushi place from Seattle. But don't let that define them. You can order a lot of things off their menu and the chefs themselves get creative with the product they get in everyday. With Newport open Blue C is beginning to ramp up its invasion of the California restaurant scene (expect San Francisco soon.) Newport Beach operates a little differently than the Hollywood location because as the staff said they get hit hard as a popular lunch spot. That may leave you the choice between more options during lunch or a calmer atmosphere during dinner. Either way Blue C will try to accommodate you.  The nice part about Blue C is how they accommodate non sushi lovers. Theres a entire menu of things you can eat from grilled fish collars, to udon soup to fried Japanese chicken (the chicken is fairly addictive.) Parking is pretty easy considering its in one of Californias largest shopping centers. I would ask Joe the head chef at Blue C for suggestions. I don t think he would lead you wrong. 

1095 Newport Center Dr Newport Beach, CA 9266

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