Thursday, August 28, 2014

2014 L.A. County Fair Preview

The 2014 Los Angeles County Fair is almost here! What to expect? Well the fair has a lot of things going on this year. Chicken Charlies is debuting a triple donut cheeseburger. The now famous Ramen Burger will be there there serving,...ramen burgers. Not to mention giant donuts, giant turkey legs, and giant ribs. The best part of the fair may be the new Luminasia exhibit. The fair has turned its hillside gardens into an elaborate Chinese lantern show. Theres dragons, monkeys, even a cluster of croaking frogs. Trust me there will be a million selfies in your Instagram feed of this when the fair opens. 

Giant donuts 

Chicken Charlie's triple donut  cheeseburger

Ramen burger 

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