Thursday, July 24, 2014

Weekly Dish. Places You Need to Try. Casa Córdoba

Casa Córdoba is a love letter to Spain. Owner Jeannie Bone lives for Spanish culture. She travels to Spain all the time, she spends most of her time in her restaurant and when she gets the chance to eat out? Its usually Spanish food.  Needless to say Spain and its culture is taken pretty seriously here. Walking into Casa Córdoba  is like entering a Spanish courtyard. Located in Montrose above Glendale its a peaceful quiet area.
As always what matters is the food. You can order entrees at Casa but whats the fun in that? Tapas which are small plates of food in Spanish cuisine are the way to go ordering wise. You can try a lot of different things and share with your friends. Favorites for me included the fried eggplant with cheese and honey (maybe the best eggplant dish I have ever had) and the Spanish meatballs which have Spanish ham in them. If you get the chance ask the owner about how she made the menu. You may hear about how she took her chefs to train in Spain or the fact the bread is made in Spain. Hopefully eating there you can feel the passion that goes into the food.

2331 Honolulu Ave Ste C Montrose, CA 91020

Owners Jeannie and Chris Bone

The chef 

Spanish custard 

Spanish bread cheese and ham 

Spanish meatballs 

shrimp and garlic 

Potato tapas 

eggplant and cheese. 

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