Saturday, July 12, 2014

Seasons 52 Launches a New Summer Menu

Seasons 52 is a lighter dining option boutique chain with a American flair. With locations in Costa Mesa, Los Angels, and Santa Monica its easy for a lot of Southern California to get to a location nearby. They just launched a new summer dining menu which center around meaty roasted dishes. With two new flatbreads and three new entrees there's quite a few dining options if you are not going to go off the new menu. Both of the flatbreads were not bad but the stars of the show for me were the entrees. All three of the entrees were cooked very well. I would rank them lamb, scallops, and then chicken (might just be roast chicken is something I get all the time.)  Paired with Seasons 52's excellent service and their signature mini desserts their new summer menu is a winner! 

lamb chops


duck and asparagus flatbreads

Sparkling raspberry lemonade 

Roast chicken 

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