Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pearls Liquor Bar Gets Live Music Every Monday

Pearls Liquor Bar in West Hollywood now has live music every Monday night. With most of the the restaurant outside near the roof it makes for a nice date night. Rare for the Sunset Strip Pearl's actually has good food as well. Must try dishes include the lamb chops, the Kennebec fries, and the pudding (on the dessert menu.) Yes the best dish here may be the Budino (fancy Italian name for a pudding) its a little like a unset panna cotta with caramel, salt, and a crust of oatmeal.  You can park relatively cheap on the street close by. If you are in the Weho area you should try the pudding. 
8909 W Sunset Blvd West Hollywood, California 

Salted pudding. 

Hosin glazed short rib 

Chicken meatballs 

Lamb chops 

Kennebec fries

Mushroom flatbread 

Lobster ravioli 

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