Saturday, July 26, 2014

Chalios Mexican Restaurant Introduces New Dishes. Goat Sopes Anyone?

Chalios Mexican Restaurant  has been around for a while in East L.A. Jonathan Gold has been there (and liked it) and so has Anthony Bourdain.  Now they are trying to change things up with some new menu items. The focus of the new items is trying to make the sope (a deep fried thick piece of masa) a cool dish to the younger generation. They offer a cactus, asada and cactus, and a  stewed goat (birria) option. The goat is the clear winner of the sopa options and what Chalio's is best known for.  Other new dishes include a sauce covered goat taco and a spicy shrimp dish. Again I would go with the goat. I am going to to tell you this. Get anything goat (a way underused meat I think) and make sure to get some of their handmade tortillas. You can't go wrong. 
 760 S Atlantic Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90022

Making tortillas 


Spicy shrimp (only dish I did not care for much)

drowned goat taco 

goat sope 

Cactus and asada sope 

cactus sope 

Strawberry lemonade 

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