Monday, July 14, 2014

Almond Wood Grilled Steaks Land in Chino: Tahoe Joe's Chino Opens

Tahoe Joe's is a small regional chain from up in Northern California. Chino is their first stab at the Southern California market. With the challenge of attacking So Cal's notoriously picky consumers they have gone with a new prototype look for the restaurant. Instead of the ski lodge mood of their other locations Chino is a sleek modern space. Amazingly without any promotion they have been crowded every night. It may be the food.
Tahoe Joe's is a steakhouse. I would say its if Claim Jumper was a steakhouse would be the closest I could describe it as but if Claim Jumper was actually good. All the steaks are cooked over aged almond wood. The steak to get is the ribeye. It is by far the best steak you will get in Chino. Its fatty, buttery, and you can taste the almond wood grilling. There's other items though. The pork chops are great. Thick cut, marinated so they are juicy and have a beautiful caramelized color. They have a steak they smoke for 19 hours (the Joe's steak) that coated in black pepper. And the cheesecake that's one of their two desserts is whipped for so long that its almost like a cheesecake whipped cream cake its so light. All in all Joe's is already one of the IE's best restaurants in my opinion but that could be the ribeye talking.

                                                       3968 Grand Ave Chino, CA 91710

19 hour smoked steaks. Its a special steak on the menu (Joe's Steak)

 Nevada Cheesecake

The ribeye

 Pork Chops

Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes

 Joe's Steak 

Sierra Mountain Ribs   

Tempura shrimp appetizer Railroad Camp Shrimp

Housemade Lemonade 

Outdoor seating area 

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