Friday, June 27, 2014

Vaka Burgers Shows LA's Food Truck Scene is Not Dead Yet.

Tell Chef Aaron J. Perez that food trucks are dead in L.A. and he may just ask you to come out to check out his truck in East LA one night usually accompanied by a long line of hungry soon to be customers. Don't go too late because hes been selling out some nights. LA's food truck scene has suffered from crappy trucks entering the market with high prices and not very good food. This has been scaring off potential customers  and making it harder for good trucks to make a living so they have been fleeing to brick and mortar shops.  Vaka Burgers is part of a potential new Renaissance of LA food trucks (along with Chili Philosopher and CVT Ice Cream)  that are making good unique dishes the focus of their trucks. 
You can get only a few things from the truck. That's due to size and wanting to keep quality control with the menu. Vaka makes all its burgers with a grass feed beef blend that includes short rib. There's three burgers you can get, along with fries, wings, bread pudding and mac and cheese. One of the few comparisons you can make with  In-N-Out Burger is that there are no unpopular items on the menu.  I suggest the truffle burger but if you can convince them to put their mac and cheese on a burger for you that's the way to go! Chef Aaron has ideas about getting a restaurant and spreading Vaka even further but for now hes happy making LA's streets a little less hungry. 

Bread pudding 

Truffle burger 

mac and cheese 

 Chef Aaron J. Perez

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