Monday, June 16, 2014

Pirch a High End Home Store Opens in Glendale

Pirch is a high end home store small chain. But its not like any other store you have ever been in. The new one in Glendale has a free coffee/juice bar when you first walk in. Its basically a toy store for DIYers. Not only does it have amazing things for the home cook but Pirch carries automatic toilets, tubs that scrub your skin, and sinks carved out of various stones. But yes the focus is going to be the kitchen toys. Pirch carries some amazing stuff. Like steam ovens (ovens that provide humidity) home use heart ovens, and EVO grills (fun flat circular grills.) I had the chance to have the executive chef of Pirch Chef David Chen show off the technology behind a steam oven while cooking a meal. He roasted potatoes and carrots, cooked a flatiron steak, and and made a wine reduction sauce in 30 minutes. A steam oven allows you to cook without food drying, If you learn how to use it properly you can heat things like a leftover steak without them getting dry/overdone. Or simply use it as a giant steamer. Honestly I could have played with the oven itself for a while. If you go have them show you the self cleaning tub. 

101 S Brand Bvld Glendale, CA 91205

Chef David Chen and Daniel Bantle

Chef David Chen making a meal of steak and veggies

Working on the meal

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