Friday, June 6, 2014

Natural Resources Defense Council Celebrates Victories in American Food Safety

Recently Eating Around So Cal was invited to a dinner hosted  by the Natural Resources Defense Council. It was a beautiful affair with Heirloom L.A catering an all vegetarian dinner. Singer  Aloe Blacc performed and there were a few celebrities. But the important stuff was what NRDC has been fighting to accomplish. Things like reducing toxins in our food, waste in our food systems, and cleaning up the conditions of our animal yards. A big part of the night was a celebration of getting some antibiotics out of American livestock which may help prevent superbugs and keeping antibiotics effective as medications (overuse may just make us lose them as effective medicine one day.) Its great to know what NRDC is doing and now they are trying to clean up the poultry industry. To see their newest campaign follow the #fosterharms hashtag. 

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