Friday, June 6, 2014

Michael's Restaurant Group Offering "Whole Animal" Dishes This Summer

Michael's Restaurant Group is trying to lead the way in the restaurant industry with dishes that utilize more of the animal. When I heard that they were going to do Whole Animal dinners I assumed they were going to need a hell of a spit to roast a cow. Well in reality it means they will be showcasing different ways to utilize a particular animals throughout a meal. All three of the Michael's Restaurant Group restaurants will be participating with Michael's Pizzeria doing pizza based concepts, Michael's on Naples doing more classic Italian and  Chianina doing big hunks of meat. Of what was sampled I would prefer Naples and Chianina  just because pizza wise I am in love with the speck and mozzarella pizza at  Michael's Pizzeria  and the  porchetta and sausage pies we sampled just weren't at that level of affection for me. Naples showcased a beautiful free range duck that was used to make smoked duck neck pasta, a duck prosciutto on a fig and a whole carved duck. With the carcass being reused to make more duck sauce later.  But the duck and the duck pasta were tasty. The duck necks were almost Italian BBQish.  The real star of the night was the whole roasted leg of lamb at Chianina. Although the giant crusty steaks being served around us were tempting. Rubbed with fresh herbs it is served with cinnamon summer squash (which while most people loved I despised) and a tasty potato gratin. If you go invite me!

Roasted leg of lamb 

Roast free range  duck 

Roast free range  duck 

Smoked duck neck pasta 

Fig with goat cheese and duck prosciutto 

Sausage and  rapini

Artichokes, porchetta, smoked mozzarella, caramelized onions. 


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