Friday, May 9, 2014

Ciboteca Opens in Santa Monica a Panni Paradise

Sure theres that deli everyone loves for cold deli sandwiches (you know who I am talking about) but what if you want a Panni? Enter new causal restaurant Ciboteca. Ciboteca is very hardcore Italian when it comes to its savory items. Mostly pannis, a few other hot items, and some salads. Dessert wise they have Japanese/Italian fusion desserts.  But yes Pannis. Seeing as thats a large part of the menu theres a few of them. The HOSTARIA which is slow roasted pork belly and pickled onions was a favorite of mine. I am a sucker for pickled red onions and it works to cut the fatty delicious pork belly. Next time I would get some cheese added because its a panini and cheese is a must.  Other great sandwiches include the POLLO (Rotisserie chicken, crispy pancetta, tomato, rosemary mayo) and the PORCHETTA (Porchetta, artichokes, truffle-mayo.) And make sure to try an eclair. They are amazing! 

 606 Broadway Santa Monica, CA 90401 

assorted desserts 

rum truffle 

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