Monday, April 14, 2014

Umami' Burger's New Spring Menu!

I don't eat many burgers. One reason for that is well...a lot of burgers are either less exciting than other things I want to eat or they are extreme to the point of almost being offensive (I'm looking at you Carl's Jr.) So when Umami invited Eating Around So Cal in to try their new spring menu I was cautious about what they might throw at me. Short version. Both burgers are good stuff. A little longer version...  The spring menu is a tight menu of 5 items. Two apps, two burgers, one dessert. Honestly I like burrata (a fresh Italian cheese made from mozzarella and stuffed with cream) and Umami's was good (I sprinkled salt on mine) but I would rather get their fries. The avocado toast was pretty but allergies kept me from trying it. 
So yeah the burgers. 
The Springbird is messy as hell in a good way. Kale is going to come off this sandwich while you are eating it and you will make a unusual metal connection because of this sandwich between sloppy joes and kale. With two cheeses and apple crema (think ethnic sour cream) this sandwich does not lack flavor. It was my favorite item of the night. The other burger (or non burger for beef purists ) is the caprese burger which has a balsamic brushed mushroom cap (yes its Umami so they try to bring the Umami punch) heirloom tomato, pesto, and cheese. My main complaint about this sandwich is that the mushroom can drag out biting it. If you get this sandwich I suggest cutting the patty before eating. Overall for a meat lover like me I enjoyed this sandwich (with a mint after from all the garlic.) I would say its worth a visit to Umami for the Springbird alone. Maybe get the mushroom burger if you are trying to eat lighter/healthier. But get beef if you want.  I'm not your Mom after all. 

caprese burger 

Arnold Palmer dessert 

The Springbird 

Avocado Toast 

Caprese salad 

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