Thursday, April 10, 2014

Roadhouse LA Gets a New Menu and a New Chef

NOTE Roadhouse is closed. 
Don't come to Roadhouse LA and expect a slab of meat. Chef Kyle Schutte has taken  the BBQ place that  Umami Burger built and has totally revamped the menu, showing his Molecular gastronomy roots. If you are not familiar with Roadhouse its the new restaurant at the Improv Comedy Club in Los Angeles. I am telling you right now parking sucks so just be prepared for that. Its the area. 
You are going to have to get the idea of a deep pit Texas BBQ place out of your mind if you eat here. They don't even really have BBQ sauce here. In fact its more of a global cuisine restaurant that utilizes a smoker.  The short story would be the chicken dishes are the best bet. Expanding on that the house wings are pretty tasty. They come with meyer lemon, grapes, and a slaw. So expect a citrusy wing. Following that the Mary's Chicken (its a premium brand name) is also a good solid chicken that's been lightly smoked.  The other two items I enjoyed were the lamb poutine and the Crème brûlée mac and cheese. In fact the poutine was my favorite dish of the night. The fries are triple fried and are some of the best fries I have had in LA. Combine that with cheese cilantro and lamb? Golden.  The mac and cheese has a twist with its bruleed honey top if you dont like sweet with savory you wont like this dish. Other dishes like the root beer bacon, and the chicken fried watermelon are fun to try so you can tell your friends you have tried it or post on Facebook for them to be amazed (and they will be asking you about it.) All current desserts will be gone soon so expect a lot of Molecular gastronomy based desserts if you come in the near future.  One thing about Roadhouse LA is for sure. You are not going to find any other restaurant like it in LA. 

Chess pie with honeycomb ice cream 

Mary's chicken with black eyed peas 

brussel sprouts 

Campire carrots.  Carrots with marshmallow and garlic ash 

creme brulee mac and cheese 

Pulled pork torta 

Lamb ribs 

Pork ribs 

Jalapeno corn bread pudding. 

Chicken fried watermelon

Root beer bacon and eggs 

Lamb poutine. 

Chicken wings 

The bar. 

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