Saturday, April 26, 2014

Restaurant Closures in Monrovia. S'Links Gourmet Hot Dogs, Monrovia Bakery, Sam's Kabob Room

Big changes are coming to Myrtle Ave. Several places have closed recently. The longtime Monrovia Bakery that used to be run by the Muller family had it new owner back out and return to his old pastry job. Rumor has it that a local restaurant may expand it bakery operations there. 

S'Links Gourmet Hot Dogs took a long time to get off the ground and open. They have switched over to a Mexican concept called Salsas Taqueria. Guess you will have to go to Duarte's Slaw Dogs for a sausage. 

 Sam's Kabob Room which was recently featured on Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares has also closed. Seeing as their online reviews are horrible and the fact they were on a show where most of the places are beyond help it seemed inevitable. It looks like they may be turning it into a new restaurant because its windows are covered. 

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