Friday, April 18, 2014

EASC Fan of the Month Rosie Fabian!

We asked our fan of the month a few questions. 

Whats your favorite ice cream? 

Favorite Ice Cream is Winter White Chocolate (sold only in December).

If you could only have one more taco what would it be?

 Love tacos, my final one would be SHRIMP with hot sauce!

In and Out or Five Guys? 
I've tried both burger places, but love In & Out best.

If you could have any pizza where would it be from and what would be on it? 
 I love pizza from Petrillo's in Glendora. I like a combination of veggies and pepperoni, but most of all, topped with fresh sliced tomatoes after it's baked.

Why are you a Eating Around So Cal superfan? 
 I don't cook much on weekends and enjoy New places, many that you have recommended, I told my friends to read your blog so we have more fun and win prizes too!!

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