Sunday, April 6, 2014

Checking Out La Jolla Brewing Co

  La Jolla Brewing Co recently opened. Seeing as Eating Around So Cal was in SD they wanted to have us in to check out the place. Sadly our beer expert was not with us at the time. Its a nice open space that's fitting for a beach area. They have a lot of patio seating. But thats not what you are reading this for. On to the food. LJBC has a pretty tight one page menu. Expectedly its a lot of bar food staples but they have some twists. A focus on the menu is their variations of mac and cheese. You can order it plain or with pulled pork, crab, or duck. The winner of the mac and cheeses would be the pulled pork because its more of a carnitas mac and cheese bowl. Other notable dishes include the duck egg rolls (yes the meat trio show up a lot in the menu). Overall LJBC is a nice spot to relax when you are in SD.
                                                    7536 Fay Ave La Jolla, CA 92037
crab mac and cheese

pulled pork flatbread 

pork mac and cheese 

duck eggroll 

Fry trio 


Another view of the eggroll. 

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