Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Beverly Hills is Turning 100! Free Cake!

Beverly Hills is Turning 100! With such a classy city you know theres going to be a great celebration. Well the plans are pretty big.  We got to see a preview of the cake that is going to be served at the city of Beverly Hills’ centennial block party  on Rodeo Drive April 27. And trust us its quite a cake. Its being made with the help of Guittard Chocolate. The final product is expected to be a 15 thousand slice cake that will weigh 4 thousand pounds. Thats a lot of cake. The cake itself utilizes many different kinds of chocolate and is one of the richest chocolates cakes I have ever had. Did I mention the cake will be free? For more information feel free to tweet them at @RodeoDriveBH.Cake cake cake. 

Cake model with BH's mayor 

sample cake

Cake model close up

Sketch of planned cake 

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