Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sriracha Tour.Tour of Huy Fong Foods.

Overlooking exhausted query pits its stands. In a sleepy city in the San Gabriel Valley is the new home of Huy Fong Foods. Only recently did they allow anyone in. This is what is behind the doors of the worlds most popular Asian hot sauce. The plant itself is huge. Most of it is actually used to store the years supply of sauce for the world because they only process chilies 4 months a year. Going through the plant you will see the grinders, the cooking machines and the mixers. Huy Fong makes its own bottles for its sauce in house, its actually a pretty cool process. Eating Around So Cal was lucky enough to actually catch David Tran the founder of the company who is very humble in person. Maybe you could see him too. You can call  for a free tour of the plant (626) 286-8328. Its worth it. And its free!   

David Tran with Brittany Sage Hammond of  Lipstick and Leopard Print and beard guard dude. 

All sauce 

World supply of Sriracha

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