Monday, March 10, 2014

Natural Products Expo West 2014 The Best Of

Natural Products Expo West is a food blogger's nightmare and dream come true in the same package. Its like a  kid gorging on chocolate and then getting sick. There is literally so much to see/do at the expo three days is nothing. I walked over 40 miles the two days I was there. I saw a lot of stuff...(cricket energy bars) but I had a few products I wanted to highlight. 

Sant'e Nuts was born out  of a woman's home kitchen and her recipes were so popular that she eventually got the attention of supermarket chains and it became her full time job. These are some great nuts. You know that guy who sells the overpriced cinnamon pecans at your farmers market? These are just as good. I would become the Sant'e Nut blogger if they gave me a lifetime supply (note you would go bankrupt)

Gratify is a gluten free pretzel brand. They wanted me to try their new gluten free pretzels and I am going to be honest most things that are supposed to be dough based when turned gluten free taste off. I actually enjoyed their chocolate and yogurt dipped pretzels. For a gluten free item I had a hard time noticing it was gluten free. 

Zouq is a line of Indian snacks. They have four flavors but I am stuck on the fire sticks. Fried potatoes sticks coated in chili, green mango, and spices. Its a really unique snack and I should try cooking with it if I didn't toss the can back every time I get the chance. 

Field Roast is from up Seattle way and is a vegan meat substitute company. They have been called one of the best meat alternatives for a while so I was curious to try them. They were presenting a burger at Expo West and I got to was more than edible.  They didn't try to make it a fake beef and instead went with a Unami vegetable patty. As a meat lover I would eat this again and not even under protest. 

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