Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Food & Wine Festival Palm Desert 2014

Food & Wine Festival Palm Desert 2014 was a trip! And I mean that literally. Driving from Los Angeles? Yeah definitely a trip... But hey on a weekend? Traffic isn't bad and you can stop some fun places (like the chocolate shop we just covered) and theres windmills! The weather in Palm Springs/Desert is amazing if you like sun. It was 80 with some wind while LA was covered in clouds. The venue itself was a couple of large tents. My main issues with the festival are these tents. A They weren't large enough to accommodate all the food and wine lovers there. B Because the tents didn't have flaps/holes wind couldnt get in to cool things down. I'm sorry for the less than amazing photos I guess my camera malfunctioned. The best dish was Lantana Restaurant at the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells. They had a wild mushroom served on a cracker I ate at least 5 times. The mushrooms were addictive.  Other notable dishes were the Indian frybread and the chocolate toffee. I am hoping next year is even better! 

Short rib over polenta 

Mushroom cracker 

BBQ sparerib 




Buffalo frybread 

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