Thursday, March 6, 2014

El Torito is Going to Surprise you with their COMIDA CLÁSICA menu

Yes I said El Torito . Yes I have not been drinking. Changes have been coming to El Torito and as far as I am concerned they have been good ones. Most recently  El Torito invited me in to try their new COMIDA CLÁSICA menu, inspired by the flavors of Mexico City. And by inspired I mean they actually make an effort for you to get the cuisine. This isn't Taco Bell's "inspiration." Yes El Torito impressed me. From their spicy red mole with tender flank steak to their playful twist on street corn by making it into soup I overall enjoyed this menu. I was a little shocked when I saw they had Huitlacoche (corn fungus yes corn fungus) enchiladas on the menu. That's pretty hardcore. For the record I don't care much for Huitlacoche but don't let that stop you.  If I were you I would try the flank steak, the corn soup and the tacos (the pickled cactus is a nice touch.) Maybe El Torito will be known as a foodie destination soon?

The Chef 

Mahi Mahi. Wasnt a huge fan 

Street corn soup 

Red mole with steak 

Street tacos.

Huitlacoche enchiladas 

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  1. Hmm great page...... I liked the Huitlacoche enchiladas and red mole with steak more than others.... they are looking too much tasty....... yummmmmm yuuuuummmmmmmm....... :)

    By- Sawan Kr. Sikdar