Saturday, February 1, 2014

You Need To Try Little Beast's Winter Menu While You Can

Little Beast is a restaurant on the Eastside trying to compete with fine dining on the Westside. Because as much as I love the Eastside when it comes to fine dining the Westside wins. Little Beast invited EASC in to try their winter menu and...yeah like we wouldn't go.  Chef Sean Lowenthal named the restaurant after his son. So thats where the name Little Beast came from. Honestly their name could be Mud restaurant and I would come back. The space itself is beautiful. They took over a house that was made into a Soul food restaurant and renovated it further. 
Yes yes. The food.  Chef Sean  has a deft hand cooking in his small oddly shaped kitchen. Usually there's some dishes at a restaurant I don't like much or feel aren't as developed as others. While Little Beast has a small menu everything I tried was made well and were strong dishes. In fact it would be hard to pick a favorite entree. The fried and then soaked Tandoori chicken is brilliant but the flat iron steak is just a steak cooked really well. And I cant forget the potato croquettes which would make Porto's drop its head in shame (really elevates the potato ball.) I have to say my favorite dish was the apple pastry though. Which is funny because neither apples or apple pie rank high on my favorite foods. Its apples encased in pastry with Dulce de leche and ice cream and its just fantastic. One of my favorite things I have eaten in 2014 easily. Anyways go before Chef Sean changes the menu. I will be hosting a one man protest if the apple pastry gets removed though. 

Assorted sorbets 

Apple pastry 

Chocolate pudding 


Tandoori chicken 

Flat iron steak 

Crispy sweet potato

Potato croquettes 

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