Monday, February 17, 2014

Undeground Dinner: Amy's Culinary Adventures

If you would have told me a year ago I would be eating a meal out of the garage of a car service company I would have laughed. Today I would go yep...that was Saturday. Amy's Culinary Adventures is brainchild of Chef  Amy Jurist. Shes kinda like Chef Robert Irvine. Except shes female...and shes not ripped...or British....but you should get my point. Anyways she hosted a underground dinner in Van Nuys. 
The food itself was good. Really the appetizers were my favorite part. They were playful and had some nice twists. They included a mini crepe used to hold ham and cheese, a spoonful of scallop with leeks, and my favorite a spring roll with duck and asparagus. From the pictures you can see the plates are much prettier than you would assume from where they were prepped but Chef Amy's team was working through the night on them. Favorite course? The crab cake. The best part of the night was all the other diners learning about Eating Around So Cal and becoming fans. That's what these kind of events should be about. Celebrating a shared passion for food. 

The location.
Chocolate cake and strawberry 

Trio of short ribs 

Crab cake

Strawberry salad 

Duck spring roll 

Ham and cheese crepe cup 

Scallop with caramelized leek 

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