Friday, February 21, 2014

R10 Social House Brings Farm to Table to Redondo Beach

Lamb bacon? They had me with that. R10 just opened on the Redondo Beach Pier. Its a little hidden but right next to the parking lot for the pier. Its across from the sketchy late night bars and the seafood markets. R10 itself is not the prettiest building you will ever see. Inside its much nicer though. Its a rustic wood touch inside kinda a modern surf shack. Anyways as long as I don't have to sit somewhere uncomfortable or feel the chance I may get stabbed I mostly care about the food. Chef Pablo Ramos keeps a small menu at R10 in fact the entire menu may be less than 20 items. This is because they just launched and he wants to keep the farm to table elements of the restaurant going smooth. He plans to double the menus size soon. 
So I mentioned lamb bacon right? Its on top of the mac and cheese which is made with cheese rinds (tons of flavor there). Dishes here are mostly modern tapas style. You can share almost anything on the menu. Unlike some places I couldn't find a weak dish in anything I tried here. The fried olives are the most unusual app with a black garlic dipping sauce (if you see black garlic used somewhere please let me know.) With mains like a tandoori fried chicken with a honey sauce you know  Chef Pablo is not going for your typical dishes. The most conventional dish of the night was their steak. Seared. Served with a chimichurri sauce but having no need for it this steak was gone in seconds. Dessert wise the popover pancake with smoked wood ice cream (you read that right) and fresh berries was delicious. I ended up not even touch the salted chocolate tart (was told it was great) the combo of fluffy hot  cake with strawberries and a smooth ice cream with a touch of wood smoke made a very sophisticated dessert. I almost ate a family size portion myself. Chef Pablo tells me hes working on a few projects for the restaurant and I am excited to see them. 

179 N Harbor Dr, Redondo Beach, CA 90277 

Popover pancake with seasonal berries and smoked wood ice cream 

Chocolate tart with berries 

Winter veggie hash. 

Yellowtail with parsnip puree. 

Steak with chimichurri sauce 

Tandoori fried chicken 

Shrimp rubbed with harissa paste 

Mac and cheese with lamb bacon. 

Chef Pablo Ramos  Food Blogger Erica Beas

Wild boar sliders 

fried olives with a black garlic sauce 


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