Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pretty Much The Only Way To Get Me To Cerritos: Dinner At Amor Y Tacos

I don't go to  Cerritos. Not for their selection of cars. Not for their huge public library. Not for...whatever else is in Cerritos (my Cerritos knowledge is a little limited.) However recently I was invited to the new Amor Y Tacos and yes I would make the trip for them. Amor Y Tacos looks like a old run down place in a strip mall in the middle of Cerritos. Its the kind of place you would pass by without a second glance. That would be a mistake.
Going into Amor the first thing you see is a lady making tortillas by hand. Every tortilla. Yes not only corn but flour. Its a great sign that your meal is going to be something special. Dishes include grilled street corn, Coca Cola braised pork belly, and duck tacos. Yes with the previous tenant being a Chinese restaurant Amor decided to have a homage with a crispy duck taco with a scallion tortilla. Its one of the best things I have had in 2014. In fact its the best taco I have had in 2014. It takes the best elements from Chinese duck and tacos and puts them together. Other dishes like the street corn make you wonder why every Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles isn't selling street corn (corn smeared with spices, cheese and a sauce usually mayo or cream based.) Really theres a lot more to Amor than I have mentioned but I would go on forever. No dish didn't work that I tried. If I had to criticize anything it would be that the desserts while good don't stand up to the amazing tacos they are putting out. Now I want to go to Cerritos again.

Handmade flour tortillas 

Coca Cola Pork Belly 

Street dog 



Mole ice cream sandwich. 

Fish tacos 

Duck tacos 

Mole tots

Making tortillas 

Street corn 

Taco sampler 

Taco sampler 

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  1. Wow amor y tacos has the best churros and tacos...luv this place to die for!!! really