Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Glazed Donut Bistro Open Valentines Day!

NOTE They have closed. 

I could write almost anything here and you are going to go straight for the donut porn. Glazed Donut Bistro is opening soon in West Hollywood. Its on a  main stretch on Santa Monica...parking is going to be hard...but worth it. Owner Harry Ben-Zvi is going for the ultimate luxury donut shop. He has champange. He has wine. And he has donuts no one else has. Fried chicken beignets, pulled pork donuts, and blackberry mojito donuts are a few of the specialities of his new shop developed by Chef  Gena Lora. While everything was great a few really stood out.
The Tres Leche donut with cream, vanilla and berries with a milk drizzling sauce was my favorite. Top donut for sure. Their savory donuts had some winners too. The pulled pork savory donuts will change what you think a donut can be. If you are a little more adventurous they offer a shrimp roll on top of a long john donut. You can pair your donuts with Stumptown Coffee, a gourmet water or wine/champagne.  Theres a good chance you will lose track of time coming here so remember most meters have an hour limit.

Red Velvet 

Tutti Frutti 

Tres Leche 


 Chef  Gena Lora

Creamsicle (Orange)

Apple crumb 

Owner Harry Ben-Zvi

Owner Harry Ben-Zvi

Carrot cake


Bourbon Pecan 

PB and J


Blueberry lemon

Maple bacon 

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Monti Cristo 

Fried chicken  beignets

blackberry mojito 

Shrimp long john donut 

Pulled pork donuts 


  1. These look unbelieveable. Cannot wait to try them. I think you should open in Henderson. I'd be your top customer. Good luck, although I don't think you'll need it. You will be quite successful.

  2. THIS SOUNDS AMAZING!!!! Thanks for sharing!