Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bibigo! Korean New Year Dinner. Seollal Supper

It happens all the time. People hear about something I have eaten or see a picture of it and they want to know where I got it. Until I tell them where the restaurant is. I have no problem going to bad neighborhoods or carts in alleyways in the middle of the night but for some people that just isn't an attractive option. Enter Bibigo! Started in Korean they now have a few US locations. All of which (don't quote me) I think are California based. With one in Beverly Hills you can get ethnic cuisine in a pretty good neighborhood. 

Bibigo! invited me in to try their new Korean New Years menu. For 25 dollars you get three courses. If you add 10 more you get to try their new years soup. For the appetizer you get your choice of almost all of Bibigos appetizer menu. I went with spicy pork buns. They are stuffed with pickled daikon, cucumber and pork. These are very filling and you get two. Now if you get the soup this is where you should get it.The Tteok Mandu Guk Dumpling rice cake soup is a rich soup filled with short rib, dumplings and rice cakes which to me are just thick rice noodles. Its a pretty good soup and almost makes me wish the weather was cold while eating it (almost.) The main  course is either two kinds of short rib or a tofu stew. I picked the grilled short rib and it was tasty. They serve it with four different sauces and the ribs with korean hot sauce and a little of the house kimchi plate made a good meal. I was already ready to pack leftovers before dessert. Now you get two options dessert wise.  Korean rice pancakes or green tea shave ice. Please  get the pancake. There are very few places in California that serve this dish and really you should try it at least once. The pancake is chewy but not too dense. Its served with berries and vanilla ice cream. This is a stomach filler so leave room for it if you are getting full off your entree. Overall it was a great visit with great service! 

225 S Beverly Dr Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Rice pancake

House kimchi

Short rib

black rice 

House sauces 

Pork buns 

Tteok Mandu Guk Dumpling rice cake soup 

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