Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ways and Means Oyster House Opens in Orange

Who knew anything good could come from a Coco's Family Restaurant? Ways and Means Oyster House did. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of a mediocre chain restaurant. Yes, it is amazing  walking in Ways and Means to think that it was once a Coco's. You wouldn't think of it with its exposed beam ceilings, fancy chandeliers, and red plush booths. Did I mention they have a bread guy? Yes a guy for bread. While I pondered how he would explain that on his resume to potential future employers I tried a few of the breads they offer. I suggest (and so do they) the  Guinness bread which is a dark malty molasses bread. 
But I don't think anyone goes to a place for the bread basket. On to the food. Ways and Means owners went all out for this place. They hired Conrad Gallagher a chef who earned a Michelin star at 25 which made me excited to see what he was going to do seafood wise. I didn't get any oysters. Yeah I know...but it just happened.  The meal started with their diver scallops (hand picked by divers) pan seared with mushrooms. My favorite dishes of the night however were the giant lobster ravioli,  and the Thai chili shrimp. It really is a massive ravoli stuffed with cheese, peppers, and lobster. Its a fun dish. The shrimp have a great flavor but not a bad heat at all if you cant handle heat. The cant miss dish I a seafood place is their Creme Brulee. The crust on it is insane you feel like you are breaking glass eating it (the sugar hardened on top) that with the sorbet is just an amazing combo in your mouth! So yes I suggest WMOH for dessert....but you should eat your way to it. 

Bread server 

Diver scallops 

Giant Lobster Ravioli
Thai chili shrimp

seared tuna 

Lobster mac 

ribeye steak

Bamboo Steamed Halibut

Creme Brulee 

bread pudding 

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