Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sabor A Mi Opens in La Verne

Sabor A Mi has been anticipated by La Verne for a while. Taking over the space of another failed Mexican restaurant. Inside they have colorful murals up and flat screen TVs as their menu board. Burritos cost 8 dollars....seriously? For a order at the counter place? Anyways they have several burritos with the more exotic being mole and a cheese, corn, and chile  option. I decided on the old burrito stand bye carne asada. For a empty place the burrito took its time. I took my time looking over their admittedly good looking salsa bar. The burrito came and its not very large for 8 bucks....  Inside its 90 percent rice and...what? Peas? Carrots??? In a burrito? The meat itself was nothing special by any means. They need to work on their customer service. I saw many people come in and no one came out to help them. They lost 11 customers while I was eating. Sorry Sabor A Mi  got to give you a pass. 

Salsas were the best part. 

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