Monday, January 27, 2014

Pork Chop Anyone? Warren's Blackboard Opens in North Hollywood.

Like the title says...get the pork chop. Whats that? You want to hear more about Warren's Blackboard? OK then. WB is basically Chef Warren Schwartz playground. A former restaurant for a low end chain hotel Chef Warren is working with a limited kitchen built more for heating things up then fine dining. But he does it anyways.   With the redesign of both the  Beverly Garland hotel and its restaurant (becoming Warrens and eventually his final concept) the shape is beautiful. Dark with lounge feel.  You can tell that this place is a spot for experimentation and thats what the Chef is going for. In fact this place will close at some point for a final restaurant concept after Warren collects what he needs from customers in terms of what they like. 
Back to food. Every day a new menu is written on the wall of the main dining room...hence the name. Some of the top dishes stay but the chef has this place as a lab for a reason. I tried a few things a couple handkerchief pastas...a bacon and mushroom popover, and some roasted sprouts. The dishes I loved were the pork chop and the churros. The pork chop is basically how someone elevates a chop to steakhouse level. It was moist and tender all the way through which is something you don't see every day with pork dishes. The whipped potatoes served with it were around 50 percent butter so you know those were good. Overall the best pork chop I have ever had. The churros and tres leche ice cream were a nice finisher.  It was nice that the ice cream wasn't just caramel like some places. Overall a gem to the NoHo area hopefully for a long time.   

Popover with bacon and mushrooms 

Handkerchief pasta with cheese and mushrooms 

roasted sprouts 

pork chop 

pork chop

Handkerchief pasta with tomato sauce 


Chef Warren Schwartz 

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