Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Please Dont Pick Thrifty's! Andrews Ice Cream Opens in Orange

There's no way to avoid the words adorable or old fashioned when it comes to describing Andrews Ice Cream in Orange. The lace came into being when the owners grandson Andrew wanted an ice cream parlor (that's a lucky kid.) Its very old fashioned inside and that's how they want it. Pictures of Andrews Ice Cream having a take a picture with Santa line one wall. 
Now this place carries  Thrifty's ice cream but come on. Homemade wins every day if the person knows what they are doing. AIC has a very particular flavor profile to it and yes I would call it homemade. There's a rustic quality to it that's nice in a culinary world increasingly  populated by gourmet ice cream and gelato's. I enjoyed both my strawberry and blackberry ice cream.  Its nice that the staff loves this place and wants everyone to love it too. 

Cody Green of AIC scooping 

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