Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Planet Dailies May Be Los Angeles Best People Watching Spot

Planet Dailies is at the center of one of the busiest malls in the world the Grove. Overlooking Third Street Planet Dailies  has a fantastic vantage point to be able to people watch. The food isn't bad either. Heading inside you can see why it has so many celebrity appearances here. Its a sleek open space with a stylish  bar at the center. Theres also a indoor area but I feel the focus of the restaurant is the open outdoor space. 
Food wise Planet Dailies has an eclectic American menu. I tried potstickers, ribs, fajitas, and shrimp.  The weakest dish I felt were the potstickers. Its the only one I wouldn't try again. The shrimp were the highlight of my meal being so large I could mistake them for chicken tenders at the wrong angle.  I also really enjoyed their ribs. Pretty good for a non BBQ spot!  The tie in shake with Dylans Candy Bar was a nice was a chocolate shake despite what the menu said. I still enjoyed it.  You get two hours free parking with validation. 

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