Saturday, January 11, 2014

Michael's Pizzeria. The Best Pizza You Will Never Try

Admit it. The last pizza you had was pepperoni wasn't it? You aren't going to find that at Michael's Pizzeria. With two locations in Long Beach Michael's is the go to place for artisan pizza in Long Beach. Recently Zagat named Michael's one of the best pizzas in the United States.  So with no pepperoni what does one get at Michael's? Well they have some great dishes including oxtail gnocchi and amazing cast iron skillet three meat lasagna. But the special dish would be a pizza. Now why wouldn't you order this pizza? Pistacchio E Stracciatella is a ham pizza that's covered in strips on house made mozzarella dipped in cream...draped over the pie and then covered in ground pistachios. I know what you are thinking. Cold cheese dripping with milk...on a pizza...with nuts. That's...nuts. But its amazing. Think of the worlds best ham and cheese sandwich and you have a faint idea of how amazing this pie is. Prove me wrong and try it. 

Pistacchio E Stracciatella

 cast iron skillet three meat lasagna

oxtail gnocchi

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