Saturday, January 4, 2014

Meet the Sheriff of Jerky Town: A Visit to Cowboy Dan's

Every hero has an origin story. This is Cowboy Dan's. Cowboy Dan was just a mild mannered guy working in corporate America until he got screwed over by the man. Spending time with his family and thinking about what he should do he thought about how his family was unable to find a favorite snack of theirs jerky easily in Orange County. So he took a risk and opened a shop. 
Cowboy Dan's Jerky Emporium is basically a one stop shop for jerky and jerky related goods..sold in a store that makes me think of that western town from Back To The Future.  Dan has everything from gator to buffalo jerky. Hes done so well he now has a second shop in Long Beach. Along with jerky he has hot sauces, sodas, and chips. My favorite jerky from Dan's is the Divine Bovine which is a super flavorful tender jerky. Stop by and tell Dan Eating Around So Cal sent you!

CONTEST! Go to our page and post why you are the cowpoke that Cowboy Dan should make richer with delicious jerky!

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  1. Good post but I think you need to work on your photo skills, some of them are really blurry.