Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fried Cheese Please: Obika Mozzarella Bar

 Obika Mozzarella Bar  may have one of the best fried appetizers in Southern California. But I got to step back a little. Obika is obviously focused on mozzarella. Hell obsessed in a good way. Cooking from a small kitchen on the third floor of the Century City mall. The mozzarella itself comes from Italy from the heart of Italy's cheese making region.  Obika carries three types smoked,   Burrata(cream stuffed) and the usually smooth creamy stuff.
So yes a very cheese centric menu. So what should you get? If you say anything but cheese you should just stop reading now. The dish I feel is a must get is their fried artichoke and cheese sampler. Best fried thing so far for 2014 best describes it. The artichokes are a real treat lightly fried and crispy but the cheese...the cheese should make all commercial mozzarella sticks bow in shame. This fried cheese is so good I think you could offer it in different ways and just sell it.  They have fresh pastas, pizzas, and cheeseless things (again lets not speak about those.) All the pastas were great and with the exception of the Neapolitan pizza (just not us) we devoured everything put in front of us. We do suggest the lasagna,  ricotta spinach ravioli, and mozzarella sampler. Dont blame us if you eat too much. 

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