Friday, January 10, 2014

EASC Fan of the Month: An Interview with Christina Kina Fields

 Christina Kina Fields is Eating Around So Cal's first ever fan of the month! We will see how long this works... We sat down with Christina to ask her some questions.

If you were ice cream what flavor would you be?


I would have to say Thrifty Chocolate Malted's chocolate and then it has little surprise crunchy malt balls and more chocolate!

I wont ask about the balls part...

Haha & to be clear...No Balls here!

You get a genie who offers you all the BBQ you could ever want...but only one type

One type of BBQ....sheesh...I'd say ribs. I do like my dry rubs but sometimes you just need sauce on a rib!

Why are you a EASC fan?

I'm an EASC fan because you tell it like it is. If it's not good you're going to say that unlike some blogs who just say everything is good. I'm not sure how I found the blog but I've been a fan for over a year now!

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