Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cooking with Coal: Grimaldi's Pizzeria Opens in El Segundo

 Grimaldi's Pizzeria is pretty unique. They cook a thin skinned pie in a coal fired oven. Thats right coal. Pretty rare here in California.  Grimaldi's just opened its first California location in El Segundo.   Its a family kind of restaurant where you take your kids after a game (and people were.) They have a pretty small menu. Pizza and a few salads. The pizza however was great. The coal firing really does effect the taste of the dough. If you like thin pizza you should try Grimaldi's. I suggest getting a pizza loaded with meat but I also tried a Margarita and it was pretty good (for a veggie pie.) Please forgive the photos the lighting was not cooperating.

My creation 


The Chef 

Inside the kitchen 

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