Friday, January 3, 2014

Claremont Gets a Little More Gourmet: Vom Fass Opens in Claremont

Vom Fass is a premium oil/vinegar/alcohol retailer from Germany. What makes them different? Well they sell what you need poured directly from the tap and the quality of the product. Vom Fass Claremont opened recently in DT Claremont near the Packing House which is a great location (despite the horrible cell reception.)  Owner Kim Peeples decided to buy a franchise after trying Vom Fass's product offerings, and they do have some great stuff. EASC loved their citrus vinegar and while we were cautious about the plum oil (pretty sure I read that's toxic) I don't think Kim would try to kill us.  They also offer a lot of booze  but  they really shine with their oils and vinegars. They are great with samples! And try that citrus vinegar! 

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  1. Thanks for the great blog and acknowledgement of our wonderful store. We are very proud of what we are bringing to Claremont. As far as your comment on the Plum Seed Oil being toxic, I can assure you that our Plum Seed Oil is safe for consumption and with its decadent golden-yellow oil with a fine marzipan-like flavor, Plum seed oil is versatile and is equally suited for baking or hearty dishes and salad dressings . It is a great addition to your favorite recipes for sweet breads, pastries or chocolate

    Look forward to seeing you in the store again soon.