Friday, December 27, 2013

A Bowl of Red. Meeting The Chili Philosopher Truck

There's something about the American experience. Time and time again immigrants have come to our shores to see what we have to offer them. Interestingly many have come to love and embrace  very American concepts.  This is a love story between a British man and chili.   Food trucks have fallen on hard times in Los Angeles. You ask a person in the know about the gourmet food truck scene and it goes something like this. Trucks were cheap. Creative chefs used trucks to jump start their careers and get creative food out. Craze started. Prices leaped for trucks. Everyone got into the food truck game. Quality went down. Chefs fled trucks to get brick and mortar places. Ask a food blogger like me and I would say the food truck scene in dead. Someone didn't tell Alex Kavallierou

The Chili Philosopher truck impressed me the minute I read the menu. Someone knew that having a few ingredients allows you better prices, fresher stock, and I feel a stronger menu  (a la In N Out.) Overall TCP has only a handful of items. Only one that isn't served with chili. But really lets just pretend that the salad wrap doesn't exist because I know I am. I tried the chili fries and I was a little surprised getting them. Green stuff? Pink stuff? I quickly identified them as pickled onions and chimichurri sauce.  Genius. Chimichurri sauce works so well with beef being able to balance and cut through it in traditional Argentinian beef dishes. But chili? First time I have seen it. And I am a little addicted to pickled onions. No convincing there needed. The only thing I disliked is I hate beans...but they were  hardly noticeable in the fries.

Alex is putting out a quality product in a market a lot have abandoned. Hes made this food blogger reconsider the death of of LA's food truck scene. Listening to him talk about his passion makes a food lover proud of this dish with deep American roots.  Oh and he makes awesome cornbread. Try the cornbread (its the butter).

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