Sunday, December 22, 2013

New Rise Bars! Guest Blogger Brittany Sage

Hi! I am Brittany Sage of Lipstick & Leopard Print. Michael Walsh invited me to be a guest blogger and review these awesome bars by rise. He gave them to me at a great time as I am a hairstylist and last week was my busiest, I don't have time to eat, week of the year AND I try to avoid anything made with processed sugar. Rise makes different bars to match your different needs at different times of the day. The bars were perfect and got me through this crazy holiday hair season! Here is what I tried:

rise protein bar: It had great flavor, good texture, and wasn't too hard or too soft and made with just 3 simple ingredients almonds, honey, and whey protein isolate.

rise breakfast bar: This was perfectly delicious. It was light and easy to eat yet very satisfying. The pumpkin seeds were different and delicious.

rise energy bar: This one was also light and perfect for a mid-day snack or post workout energy boost. This one does contain brown rice and tapioca syrup but is vegan. They are all gluten free.

Rise bars are made locally in southern California and are free of preservatives, GMOS, soy and peanuts. I will definitely be stocking up for the salon! Check them out at

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