Saturday, December 28, 2013

Making Soda at Galco's Soda Pop Shop

There may be a little Willie Wonka in John Nese. Explaining his new make your own soda concept John is obviously proud of his new baby. Originally he wanted to have his own private bottling plant on the grounds of his famous soda shop but the government killed that idea. In a way this is John's sticking it to the man. The make your own soda concept is simple in its premise but the possibilities are insane. Mix your choice of water and  syrups in a bottle and then bottle have produced your own soda (its around 3 dollars) I made a lime/pineapple soda that tasted like I imagine it would in the old days. Lime.sugar and pineapple. Thank you for the experience Galco's and Mr Nese.

John Nese of Galco's

Pecan pie soda?

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