Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dragon Loco Reopens in Ontario

By Michael Walsh 
Mario Luna has a dream. To one day have his own Mexican themed gastropub. In 2013 his dream went off track when his current restaurant Dragon Loco in Ontario flooded. After a long period of rebuilding Dragon Loco is back. Its a fusion between American Chinese food and Mexican.  Located in a strip mall off the 60 freeway its easy to pass by. For those who know Dragon Loco the revamp looms good. Mario now has a soda fountain and hes got a spiffy new counter. Gone is the hot bar of Panda Expressisk dishes. Its all about the fusion concept. 
Dishes range from what you would expect (burritos quesadillas etc) to a little more out there. Dragon Loco has some specialty dishes like chorizo wontons (chorizo and cream cheese covered in three sauces) I think it may be impossible for deep fried meat and cheese to taste bad but its still a fun app. I wouldn't suggest eating a lot of these yourself... My personal favorite would have to be the drunken noodles. Its chow mein that they soak and serve with stewed spicy pork. As you can see from the pictures its pretty colorful. Dragon Loco adds flavor (spicy flavor so be careful) to Ontario's pretty boring food scene. So if you are on the 60 you may want to check them out. 

Owner Mario Luna 

Drunken noodles 

chorizo wontons 

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