Thursday, December 19, 2013

Chianina Steakhouse Preview. They Open December 27th

Chianina is not your typical steakhouse. You will notice that the minute you walk through the door. Its a small rectangular box of a restaurant. It screams modern steakhouse with its decor. The Michael's Restaurant Group took over a small (according to them very ugly) bar and turned it into their newest endeavor. What makes Chianina different? Well for one the dishes. You have things like a play on French onion soup with cheese pasta instead of croutons.  Theres a cayenne spiced roasted cauliflower. Salads include a roasted root vegetable offering. But the real difference is the beef.  Founder Michael Dene is pretty proud of the beef here. He says it tastes like beef tasted back in the day. Chianina serves well...Chianina beef (google a picture of the cows they are insane) that are on a grass diet. They are virtually the only restaurant in the United States doing this.  The beef itself is a experience. Much less fat than the steaks you expect today. Very clean flavor and no harsh aftertaste. You will be chewing. These are not fillet. Its all about the flavor. Overall I was impressed with Chianina and would think about going back to see their full dinner menu. 

5716 E Second Street, Long Beach, California 90803

Cookies. Really the one course I didn't really care for 

Lava cake open 

Lava cake 

The Chianina steak 

Sprouts with bacon 

Chianina steak

John Dory fish 

cheesey potatoes with thyme 

Roasted cauliflower with cayenne 

Lamb shank 

Play on French Onion Soup 

Pork belly with apple and crispy skin 

The menu 

A roll. I am allergic so no no thoughts 

Winter root salad 

Winter root salad 

Lobster broth. Nutty and warm. 

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