Thursday, November 14, 2013

The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness Gluten Free Chef's Table Tour in L.A.!

The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness | NFCA came to Glendale to teach restaurants safe ways to handle food for people with gluten sensitivity. Gluten sensitivity goes beyond Celiac disease (its basically a allergy to wheat) and its important to try and make it safe for all people to be able to eat out. Why did I go? Chef Jehangir Mehta a man who almost won Next Iron Chef twice was going to be yeah you could have had it be a meal about the importance of beaver dams and I would have been there.

It was an interesting meeting. The President of the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness Alice Bast, is a passionate woman who is driven by her work. Chef Mehta really seems to have embraced this cause and was listing ways a kitchen can keep itself from cross contamination (separate cutting boards using clean towels to wipe surfaces etc) they used the hashtag #GFchefstable if you want to see the adventures they had on their tour.
But again i am there for the food. They started out with a really nice salad...which I didn't eat because I dont like salad. Next came Sea Bass and that was really good. Silky smooth texture with a crispy fried tapioca chip on top. Having never seen this use of tapioca I was impressed. I was not missing gluten this meal (I did have croissants for breakfast...) Finally we ended it with a chocolate tart. Basically a freaking hunk of chocolate...yeah I didn't finish it. The berry sauce and whipped cream were great but at the end of the day...its a slab of chocolate and I am not a chocolate freak.
I would like to thank the the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, Alice Bast, Chef Mehta, and Recess Restaurant (look at the pics they have a beautiful place in the Glendale foothills) for hosting me. I learned a little about the needs of gluten intolerant people at restaurants (I know a lot more than most people being a food nerd.) I know who to send a restaurant to if they want to learn how to protect their gluten sensitive customers.
Recess Restaurant 

I am messing around with GIFs....Chef Mehta and Chef Sevan

The salad 

The Sea Bass! I ate two...

Chef Mehta

Chef Sevan

Chocolate tart GIF! With berry sauce. 

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