Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Belmont West Hollywood Relaunches

The Belmont is a older restaurant on the border of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood resting on the Weho side. Recently it was bought by Ray Garcia and his partner and they have redone pretty much everything (besides the famous crab mac and cheese) They have the patio and front room done and have big plans for the rest. Ray is toying with the idea of a entirely different dining concept in the restaurants other yet to be restored room. 
The menu at The Belmont is focused on modern American tapas. I wont critique it too much because Ray tells me that its a work in progress and he doesn't know which dishes will stay or go (besides the crab mac and cheese.) I'm Irish. I am a little obsessed with potatoes... The Belmont has killer french fries and crispy tater tots. Their fries use Kennebec potatoes. Creamy white potatoes that are slightly sweet. Fried right they make awesome fries. Their tater tots are fried crispy and tossed in truffle oil. The item I was most curious about was the charred kale with goat cheese. This dish has potential. I just wish temperature wise it was served hotter... The last dish I will mention is the sriracha wings. If you are a sriracha fan you may love these...I thought the wings were cooked well but I am more a hot sauce/chili paste kind of guy. Ray told me that he is totally re doing the dessert menu so sorry about no pictures of that! I did go to Beverly Hills Brownie Company...thats another story though 
Ray Garcia 

Crab mac and cheese.

Charred kale with goat cheese 

The bar



Popular outside dining area 

booth seating 

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